Camera and Lens Rentals in St. Louis, MO

For the past few years, when shooting large events in indoor spaces (such as the 2010 Priesthood Ordination Mass), I've rented camera bodies and lenses from, a great online rental store, with pretty much any lens or camera body you'd ever want to use (especially if you're like me and could never justify the cost of purchase!). I highly recommend BorrowLenses (though I have also used and liked and

This year, however, I decided to look into whether it might be more advantageous to use a local camera shop. I found that both Schiller's and Creve Coeur Camera offer camera and lens rentals, but both have more limited selections. However, the lens and camera body I need are usually available at Schiller's, I don't have to pay shipping (pick-up only, but the store is nearby), and I can pay a one-day rental rate for a weekend (most of the events I use the cameras for are on Saturdays).

So, this year, I've saved over $100 in shipping/insurance fees by renting locally. And, I got to talk to someone over the phone to get everything sorted out.

If you live in St. Louis and need one of the $1,500+ Nikon lenses or $5,000+ Nikon camera bodies for a day or two, I'd highly recommend Schiller's. (I don't recommend CCC only because their prices are a little higher, and I've had some bad customer experiences with them in the past).


Hey, thanks for the review and idea. I will check Schillers out.

Thanks Jeff. I've visited their website before, but I discounted renting from them as they did not list available gear on their website. I'll check them out.