Review of Nikon D7000 - Almost Complete

Nikon D7000 - FrontSince about a week after it's introduction, I've been shooting with the D90 as my primary camera, and it's been a great run. The D90 is almost the perfect photo-making machine for me. I was thinking of either upgrading to a D300s, or possibly a D700 (all my lenses would work with either FX or DX), but then came the D7000.

I was instantly thrilled with the specs, especially since the D7000 body is almost exactly the same dimensions as the D90 (meaning I wouldn't need to get used to a bunch of new button placements). So, after a little consultation with my bride, I bought the D7000 (it was in stock, momentarily, from

I have been playing around with it today, making pictures and videos, and I must say that I am very happy with the upgrade—a lot has changed between the D90 and D7000... and most of it is under the surface.

Check out my full review of the Nikon D7000, which includes the following videos:

I'll be filling in the blanks over the next few days. The big test (for me) comes in May, when I'll be shooting priestly ordinations in the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis (see some older pictures, taken with a D3, here)—a venue that throws off even the venerable D3's white balance, sensor sensitivity, etc.


what miss? the double slot SD/CF like on D300S.
On other part, the high iso quality is really amazing for an aps-c camera.
Really want to see what will be the D800 when I see how mid range cameras are upgraded.