Removed Leaderboard Ads over Articles

Over the past 10 years, I've tried many different ways of monetizing this website; I've run Google Ads (using AdSense), adding tip jars (accepting donations through PayPal), and adding particular ads and revenue-generating links (like affiliate links).

The most annoying monetization is always a glaring, leaderboard or sidebar (or even worse, in-content) ad. Therefore I've decided to simply remove all leaderboard ads on this site; the only places where you'll see ads anymore are either in the top of the right sidebar, or in the bottom of the page (a few text links).

The amount of revenue I earn from Amazon affiliate links on just one or two pages (like my page showing how you can use external microphones with the iPhone 4s) is more than four times what I've ever earned by placing annoying/distracing Google ads on the site.

Plus, I may start highlighting my affiliates pageā€”to which I typically refer people who ask me how they can show some appreciation :-)