New Tool for Telling Time:

After staring at a todo in my inbox for a few weeks, I finally got around to doing it on the flight back from Boston yesterday. I simply wanted an easy, quick, at-a-glance way of telling what time it was in different timezones/cities around the US (and eventually around the world).

So, I created on the iPad
(as displayed on the iPad)

I've been wanting something like this for quite some time, and I finally got a few hours to play around with dates and times in PHP and JavaScript. The times may not be quite right when viewed in certain timezones, so I'd appreciate if any friends from outside US Central time could tell me if their own times are correct.

I plan on adding a few small features and visual tweaks soon (right now it's pretty boring), but I really want to maintain the site's speed and simplicity. The reason I don't use any other sites for this purpose is because they're way too complex, offer way too many features, and are usually overridden by tons of ads.

Any other suggestions to make it more useful? 


Jeff, this is an awesome idea! It's going to be really useful for a whole lot of people. Keep the great ideas coming!

This is great. A world time version would be great... as well a converter to be used for figuring out a time in the future. I always struggled to make sure I had the right converted when scheduling meetings with my clients in China or Australia.

I'm thinking of adding a button at the bottom to 'show more...' that would add maybe 4-8 more timezones dynamically. This way the simplicity is still there, yet it's more powerful.

I don't want to add a converter because there are already many of them available, and for my own needs, I usually just glance at the times shown on the screen and do the conversion in my head (I just need to know how many hours' difference there is).

I might make it so that when you hover over a time, it shows you the offset from either GMT or your local time...