Keynote: Sr. Ann Flanagan (#CNMC11)

Sr. Anne Flanagan

This presentation was given at the 2011 Catholic New Media Conference. Below are my notes on the presentation:

"Go teach the gospel. We have all been commissioned. What is the next step?" (Sister's introductory haiku).

Blessed James Alberione

  • Has so much to teach us about being evangelizers in a culture of media.
  • He was constantly connecting media ministry with vows in the orders he founded.

Looking at media apostolate in the light of the Angelus

"And she conceived by the Holy Spirit"
  • Everything comes from God.
  • Networks of collaborators (the Pauline family). "The mystical body of St. Paul."
  • Always begin from Bethlehem. (Humble roots).
  • We need to use our imaginations, our hearts and our minds.
"Be it done to me according to your Word"
  • Chastity ≠ Sterility, but spiritual fruitfulness. It is an engine of creativity.
  • We should be forming a new mentality in society; we must be receptive (let it be done to me).
  • From the tabernacle, Jesus instructs; "I am your light and I will use you to enlighten..."
    • Let everyone be a beacon, an evangelist, a secretary of St. Paul.
    • Your life should be transformed by the message.
  • "Saints are needed for these yet untrodden paths." This is a universalcall to holiness.
    • The laity must complete/supply what is lacking in the heirarchical apostolate. This is our baptismal priesthood.
    • The Church needs life apologists today—not necessarily people who can explain theological realities.
    • How does Church teaching intersect with life? In marriages and family life?
  • Your faith is something grand and glorious, that you should parade down the road!
    • Don't hide behind too many words of the Catechism and teaching.
    • We need the ability to detect needs and respond.
    • Where shall we get our strength? From the Eucharist: "Light, comfort, nourishment, victory over evil."
"And dwelt among us"
  • Obedience: makes receptivity to the Word manifest. Not a passive obedience.
  • If you remain in step with the Church, you will continue to be dynamic, successful, and effective. Not just starting with the Church; staying with the Church.
  • Don't speak only of religion, but speak of everythingin a Christian manner.
    • Penetrate all thought and learning with the Gospel.
  • Every communications development has sparked a 'New Evangelization'
    • That's what's happening among us today: A new culture is rising up—a young, global culture. It has the effects of human sin, and the seeds of the Gospel.
    • These are new means of divine providence.
  • - Alberione's writings.