Things: Opportunity Lost

Dear Things developers (Cultured Code),

I know you are perfectionists. I know you're purists. Your software is inspirational, in a way. It's clean, it's fast, and it's functional. You make beautiful software, and I'm glad you've had such great success in the past.

But I have to say, "Goodbye."

The one and only feature that I've been waiting for—OTA sync—is still not here.

You've made some pretty status indicators telling me nothing, but impressing me nonetheless. You've posted some great developer stories about this feature, but given no backbone to your words.

Two times in the past year I'd almost made up my mind to leave behind my $100 investment in your company, but two times I've waited. This, I fear, is the third strike. How can I ignore so many different people praising your competitor's software, but sit on the sidelines with nothing but hope and dreams of what could be?

Wanted to Believe in Things - Jeff G
(Image adapted from Things blog)

Things, I will miss your beautiful, simple, functional interface. I hope you will take this lesson to heart: ship early, and ship often. You can't string your users along forever.

Jeff Geerling


Time to get on the Omnifocus boat :) That $100 is sunk cost anyway so that shouldn't affect your decision.