This is Why SEO is Important, I Guess...

After reading this comment thread about Facebook logins on ReadWriteWeb, I feel sad to call myself a Facebook user. The sheer number of clueless users who actually thought ReadWriteWeb was Facebook is a sad fact. The fact that they login to facebook by going to Google and typing in "Facebook Login" is also sad. Could they not simply type in I guess the idea of a URL is too outlandish for people.

ReadWriteWeb Facebook Comments

What about a bookmark? My grandma, who only does a few things on the web, knows how to make a bookmark and go back to it. A lot of the Facebook users who posted comments looked quite a bit younger than my grandma, and, apparently, they cannot figure out things she could do in her sleep!

The takeaway? SEO counts. If someone types in "Best Hardware Store in St. Louis," it seems likely they'll believe whatever Google gives as the first result. It's pretty easy to target these kinds of searches... and I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

P.S. Farmville. Ugh!