Warriors of the Net - IP for Peace [Funny Networking Video]

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Some quotables:

  • "Mister IP packages, labels, and sends packages of information [to your computer]."
  • "AppleTalk packets—they're going against traffic, as usual."
  • "Ah, the router—a symbol of control in a seemingly unorganized world."
  • "The router switch plays fast and loose with IP packets—a digital pinball wizard, if you will."
  • "Out here [on the Internet], it's the wild west [...] you never know when you'll meet the dreaded ping of death."
  • "The firewall can be a bastion of security, or a dreaded adversary."
  • "Pleased with their efforts, and trusting in a better world, our trusty data packets ride off blissfully into the sunset of another day, knowing fully, they have served their masters well. Now isn't that a happy ending?"