Review of St. Louis Area ISPs - Charter, AT&T, Clear

In my most recent article (over in the Articles section), I review the three main St. Louis Metro-area Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Charter Communications (Cable), AT&T (DSL), and Clear (Wireless).

St. Louis Area Internet Provider Review: Charter Cable, AT&T DSL, Clear 4G Wireless

Basically, by the end of the article, I'm still undecided as to which one is the best for me - for both price/performance ratio and reliability.

They're all not so hot in both regards, but I'm cheering for Clear—if they can get more cell towers up and running, I think they'll be a great contender!


Congratulations to the newlyweds.

I have a new email address. Unfortunately we bought HP, not knowing they are not prolife.

Charter cable took away ewtn (when I called to complain, I was told it has something to do with bandwith) I think it was just another way to make money off of it. Now you have to buy a box and pay an extra $5.00 a month to get it.

Mary (Duke's friend)

I really wish EWTN could be on one of the HDTV broadcast subchannels in St. Louis, like 5-3 or something... I don't want to give Charter any extra money.