The New Blue Mikey will NOT work with iPhone 4, iPad

The new Blue Mikey (2.0) will not work with the iPhone 4 or iPad. It's a big letdown for me, as I don't really care if Blue can support previous-generation or outmoded equipment with their mics.

Blue Mikey 2.0

Their CEO, John Maier (no... not John Mayer...) said their engineers are hard at work increasing compatibility with iPhone 4 and iPad. Great. Maybe we'll see the Mikey 3.0 next year sometime. I'm not holding my breath.

I guess I'll stick to my own setup for recording audio on the iPhone 4. I was really hoping this Mikey revision would allow me to leave all my cables and mics behind, and stick with the Mikey alone, but that's not the case.

Technically speaking, the Mikey is made 'for iPod' - but why doesn't Blue see the massive potential for selling a professional audio recording device for the iPhone. Judging by the huge amount of traffic I get on my iPhone recording series, they'd get a bit of business.


Here here! I bought a Blue Mikey which I used initially with my 2nd generation iPod Touch but I can't re-use the Blue Mikey with my iPad. What a crock of boo hiss hiss! I'm tired of companies getting away with planned obsolescence as a means to keep us paying for upgraded hardware, its just no longer acceptable.

I'm as disappointed as the next man with this because I loved Mikey, but it turns out this is a problem caused by Apple - not Blue. They have dropped audio input via the 30-pin dock connector, presumably to allow support for USB input (i.e. camera connection kit).

I emailed Blue support who said that they are working on an iPhone 4 / iPad compatible Mikey, which they hope will be released soon. Fingers crossed.

Yes and no... Apple seems to have simply changed the way audio input works to require more companies to use the 'Works with iPhone' program (and give Apple a little more revenue...).

-I need a Mic for my IPhone 4 !!
-I has been a long time since the dealer toldme !
-A new Mikey will be on the market !
-Nothing happens ...... No answer ...... No Mic & No explanation MISTERY UNSOLVED !

Yeah, Blue is dead to me. This is unacceptable. Lots of great mics out there these days... Blue is only one of many companies. If they are going to release a mic that antiquates (3months in my case)... then never mind.

News flash.
Guitar Center is selling Mikey for Ipod/Iphone/Ipad!
I told the guy at the register that they should forwarn customers about the lack of support & how the blue company screws their buyers.
Next trip to GC I'm bringing this page to show them.
My mikey has been obsolete since 2011 and I've been PO'd ever since.