AT&T's New Data Plans - No More Unlimited...

After hearing about today's AT&T data plan pricing changes, I had a pretty bad gut reaction. After thinking more about the new options, I don't quite not what to think...

The new data plans are as follows:

Data Plus - 200 MB of data for $15/month. Additional 200MB for another $15.
DataPro - 2GB of data for $25/month. Additional 1 GB of data for $10.
Tethering - Additional $20/month for DataPro customers.

I logged into the 'myAccount' section of AT&T's mobile website, and looked up my usage stats (there's a link to view past data usage stats), and they were relatively surprising:

iPhone Data Plan Usage - Jeff Geerling

It seems like I have never even come close to 2 GB, so I would be okay on the $25/month plan. However, to ask an additional $20/month to simply tether my iPhone to a single Mac or PC is ridiculous. I would be willing to pay $5, maybe $10 extra per month. But for now, I think I'll stick with jailbreaking my iPhone and using MyWi to share the iPhone's data plan with my Mac and iPad at the same time :)

Note: My fiancée, who is a relatively light Internet user, had, on average, 110 MB/month usage. I think I might bump her down to the $15/month plan :)