Applying for a Marriage License in St. Louis County, MO

Finding guidelines for acquiring a marriage license in St. Louis County is somewhat a pain in the rear. Because it's a convoluted mess of links to get to the information you need, I thought I'd put it a little more succinctly, for those who, like me, just want to get it over with...

  1. Bride + Groom must appear in person (at same time) at the Recorders of Deeds Office in Clayton (map). (The marriage license office is on the 4th floor of the County Government Building.
    1. You must both be 18, and have a government-issued photo ID. Blood tests are not required for a license. Must also provide proof of Social Security Number (SSN).
    2. Marriage license application is $45. You can get a copy of the license for $1.
    3. You must use the Marriage License within 30 days after its issuance.
  2. The bride may change her name at the Missouri Department of Revenue (for driver's license) and the Social Security offices.
    1. She can use a certified copy of her marriage license for this purpose.
    2. Copies of the marriage license: $2 for photocopy; $9 for certified copy; $10 for authenticated copy.
    3. Find your local Social Security Office »
    4. St. Louis County License Office locations (DoR) »

Still rather convoluted, but at least you can do this all in a couple of days, most likely. Getting a name change everywhere else is a pain in the rear, though (bank, Church, forums, etc.).

Source: St. Louis County website.