Real or Not? Mass we Pray

The humor tag is only half true... I really really really really hope this is not real.


The thing is... it's soooo fake that it seems real.

I think this is a viral ad campaign for an EA game called "Dante's Inferno," and I'm not sure I like it or think it's funny at all. Click on the "Pre-Order Now" image in the upper right on, and a trailer pops up for a game called Dante's Inferno, to be released next year. Part of their ad campaign is an app on Facebook where you can "Damn thy fellow sinners to Hell." To tell us their release date, they advertise "Go To Hell: 2-10-10," or something like that.

That's really annoying, and not so good, then. If it were just made to be a spoof or funny, it wouldn't be so bad. But to make fun of religious tradition in the name of selling a video game? Not so funny.