Getting from Evanston to the O'Hare International Airport

As I was preparing for my return trip to St. Louis from Evanston, IL (I was at the DrupalCamp Chicago this weekend), I realized I hadn't set up any way to get to the O'Hare International Airport in order to board my American Airlines flight. Luckily, I looked up 'Evanston to O'Hare' online, and found a little nugget that many people don't know about.

There's a Pace bus (route 250) that goes straight from downtown Evanston to the airport for a very nice $1.75! What's better, it only takes about an hour to get to the airport; taking the CTA or a combination of the Metra and CTA would take almost two hours, and cost at least three times as much.

Taking a taxicab shaves off 20 minutes, but is that worth paying $30-50? I think not.

What's not apparent from the Pace website is where, exactly, is the location of the bus stop. If you walk to the Davis St. CTA terminal, you'll find the bus stop directly in front of the station. You can pay your fare with a farecard (purchased inside the station), or on the bus itself.

It's actually very easy, in my opinion, to get to and from Evanston using public transport—I came in from Union Station via the Metra and went to O'Hare via the Pace 250.


Glad you found your way around. By the way, if you ever need to know how to get around Chicago via public transport, the CTA's website has a trip planner. You put in where you want to go and it tells you how to get there. It's very handy! :)