Dr. Scott Hahn - Apologetics for the 21st Century

Support a Catholic Speaker Month 2009The following is a blog post I've written as part of the 'Support a Catholic Speaker' month, sponsored by the excellent Fallible Blogma, run by Matthew Warner (also founder of FlockNote.com).

Dr. Scott Hahn, a distinguished professor, father, husband, and convert to Catholicism, is arguably one of the greatest apologetical Catholic writers of the late 20th and early 21st century. Practically every book authored by Scott Hahn has been listed in the bestseller lists for Catholic books, and his frequent talks never fall on deaf ears.

He speaks and writes the truth and the Catholic faith. My first exposure to Scott Hahn's writing was his excellent book on the Eucharist, The Lamb's Supper: The Mass as Heaven on Earth, in which he explains the Eucharist from the perspective of a knowledgeable Biblical scholar, highlighting the significance and extreme importance of the Lamb of God throughout human history.

I then ventured on to read many other books by this great author, including Hail, Holy Queen, a tome on the Blessed Virgin (especially good for those struggling in their relationship with the Mother of God), Swear to God, a work on the great and efficacious power of the Sacraments, Ordinary Work, Extraordinary Grace, a book that gives an overview of the importance and sacredness of the lay vocation of holiness.

If nothing else, it might be a good idea to read Scott Hahn's excellent autobiographical conversion story, found within Rome Sweet Home. This book explores the deep struggles with family, reason, and Biblical faith that were systematically dealt with through an exploration of the Church Fathers and the great Tradition of the Catholic Church. Through this writing, I found my own faith enlivened! I felt as if I were on the same spiritual journey as Dr. Hahn; this is because of his approachable-yet-deep style of writing.


"The Mass is where we grow familiar with the contours of reality. It's where the natural world - of wheat, wine, and water - meets the supernatural, and where they coexist in one kingdom, with the angels crying out "Holy, holy, holy!" before the consecrated elements" (from Reasons to Believe).

Dr. Scott Hahn currently teaches at the Franciscan University of Steubenville, in Ohio, and is president of the St. Paul Center for Biblical Literacy. He has been gifted with extraordinary talent in understanding and proclaiming the faith, and is one of my favorite Catholic authors and speakers.

If you choose only one Catholic volume to read this next year, you could do worse than reading one by Dr. Scott Hahn. Heck, after reading one, you might find yourself wanting to read the rest!

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Dr Hahn his wife Kimberly and their family are a Huge Blessing to the Church. I am an avid reader of his books and have heard them speaking on a few occasions.
They have insired myself and my wife and through their "Journey through Scripture"
Bible study continue to inspire many in my Parish and any others that will hear me!
I Pray they all continue their awesome work. Check out SalvationHistory.com for more.