Today I received the "Certificate of Organization" for Midwestern Mac, LLC, a Corporation that provides Mac support, web design and consultation, graphic design and photography to people in the Saint Louis area, but also on a broader scale through its website,

The idea of forming an LLC came to me a few months ago, after leaving the Seminary, for two reasons: 1) so I could perform consulting services with some sort of legal protection (operating as a sole proprietorship = bad!), and 2) because I would like to build up a brand so I can possibly work more in the fields that I love most: web design and Mac support!

You might ask, "Why the candy corn?" Well, I'll give you a two-fold reason: First, it's simple and immediately recognizable. In any logo, you want to make it simple so people don't have to wonder what it is, and recognizable so they can remember your brand. Second, because it's corny. Seriously! The Midwestern United States is probably the corniest place on earth, so I figured a corny logo would go along with that... right?

Anyways, please check out the new website, read some of our tutorials, check out our reviews (pretty stark right now... but wait a few weeks!), post a comment, register to participate in the discussion forums, and have fun!

How does this affect Life is a and Matthew 12:37? Very little, it turns out, as I will maintain this site as my personal website. I probably won't be updating the Pictures section much, but the Blog and Articles will see updates as time allows.