Omaha = City of Severe Thunderstorms

Well, only a little over a week since my last post, I've found that Omaha is still a city full of severe weather. We haven't had tornadoes lately, but we have had a couple more very charged storms roll through: yesterday a large amount of rain, this morning a torrential downpour, and later tonight, we'll have another severe thunderstorm (which is, as I type this, barrelling through central Nebraska).

I am posting below a picture from this morning storm, taken around 11:15 a.m. Notice how you can barely see the tall building in the distance; that building is only about 250 yards from the building I was in. The rain came down hard!

Torrential Downpour in Omaha, NE

God-willing, I'll make it through this summer alive. This weekend, I hope to see Wall•E and visit Omaha's Zoo—I hope to post some pictures afterwards! I also plan on making pilgrimages (along with my camera) to some of the nice area churches, especially St. Cecilia's Cathedral and the inside of the college church on-campus here at Creighton University.