My 2nd Nephew - Baby Gabriel

Baby Gabriel - on His Birthday

I'm happy to announce today that I am now an uncle of two handsome boys—Joseph and Gabriel. Little baby Gabriel was born just shy of 9 pounds (heavy kid!), and is a very calm baby; he made a few little noises here and there, but didn't cry during the whole time I visited!

Baby G and Me

I'm still working on what I'm going to call the little guy... maybe 'Baby G' (what I've been saying so far), 'G-money,' 'G-rizzle,' or 'G'baby' (probably not the last one). I know my sister would rather I just call him Gabriel... but it's nice to have a good nickname for one's nephews. Joseph has been 'JoeBaby' for some time now, and maybe the nicknames will help me to keep their names straight, eh?