March for Life 2008 - Wrap-Up

As I'm sitting on a charter bus on the way back to St. Louis, I can't help but think that our nation is heading in a direction of finally eradicating the evil of abortion. Whether this will take ten of fifty years, I don't know, but I noticed so many people on the march, and most of them youth, that I don't know how our society could still tolerate this sad reality. A priest on the trip mentioned that the 'pro-choice' mentality is self-defeating; if you abort your children, you're cutting off possible future support for your cause. On the other hand, if you're pro-life, and helping our nation maintain its replacement birth rate, you're supporting your cause doubly!

The march was packed, and I'm sure the media will report there having been 'tens of thousands' (if that) of people at the march, when in reality the number is likely over a hundred thousand:

Seminarians at the March for Life 2008

At the end of the march (during which the Archbishop marched with us and led a Rosary), the Seminarians gathered at the Supreme Court and we had our picture taken with Archbishop Burke:

Seminarians on the March  

As much as I love the March, I'll be glad to not have to go again at some point in the future. Perhaps one of these years, we'll have a celebratory march, after the illegalization of abortion. Even at that point, though, we'll have more battles to fight over human life (such as the morality of euthanasia, infanticide, etc.), but abortion, in my mind, is the centerpiece of life issues today. You can see more of my pictures on the pictures section of this site (pictures on the March, and pictures from D.C. in general)