FireFox 3 Surpasses Internet Explorer 7 on This Site!

FireFox Beats Internet Explorer on my Blog

Wow! I just looked up my website browser stats (I do it every couple weeks), and for the first time in history, has had more visits from FireFox (3.1) than from any version of Internet Explorer. I've heard FireFox is gaining general web marketshare, but even my site (more about Macs and creative things than boring PC/IE stuff like how to stare at the BSOD) typically received a ton more IE traffic until recently...

Safari has finally been beating IE 6—not too surprising, but a good sign, to me. One of the great things about this is that I know I can approach web development with an eye more towards standardization than 'making things work' in IE. Because a validated CSS file that looks nice makes for a happy website, and easier administration.

Another nice thing I've been noticing lately is that very few people use resolutions below 1024x768 anymore. I've made the decision as of about 6 months ago to stop developing for 800x600 and less, and focused on designs at least 850px wide. I'm still shying away from fluid layouts, though. Fixed width FTW!