Art Hill in Forest Park - HDR Processed Image [UPDATED]

Last week I braved a cold fall morning (with no sunlight to provide even a little warmth) to take some images in Forest Park (the best park inside a major city in the United States, says I!). I was really hoping to get a truly stunning image of the 'Art Hill' area of the park, especially during fall, when the trees start displaying very vibrant colors. The picture turned out pretty well, but I'm hoping to get another sometime this or next week, with more early morning sunlight (the clouds were hiding the sun during the morning I took this picture).

Art Hill in Saint Louis - Art Museum and Great Basin HDR Image

I took the picture with my D40 and the 18-70mm lens, mounted firmly on my Bogen tripod/ballhead. I took three exposures, one at +1 EV, one at 0 EV, and one at -1 EV, then combined all the image files into an HDR image and used the Tone Mapping feature of Photomatix Pro in order to produce the final image you see above. This picture and more like it (including one of the famous Statue of Saint Louis in front of the Art Museum) can be seen in my Flickr image stream.

UPDATE: I have taken another picture of Art Hill, this time during Sunset. You can click on the picture here to view all the deails in my Flickr photostream:

Art Hill at Sunset