Summer of Movies - 'Bella' is a Stand-Out

This summer has been laden with tons of movies; some good, some really bad, and a few that were excellent (I still haven't watched Ratatouille, but I have high expectations... it's a Pixar film!).

I'd like to highlight one film that I first heard about a few months ago, and just viewed at a screening by a really cool group, Guys for Life, last night. The movie, 'Bella,' is a story about a woman who wants to have an abortion, but has a male friend who cares about her and wants to show her the value of life.

There are two main watershed parts of the movie, and both scenes are meaningful and well done, making the viewer think about important issues, such as the value and shortness of life. I came into the night expecting a B-level movie (made for TV-ish quality), but was pleased to find that the movie was cut together very well (with the exception of a couple hard-to-follow parts) and beautiful (in terms of technical quality—lighting, exposure, color, etc.).

I truly think this video has the potential to change people's lives, especially since the story is so engaging and the quality is so high. Click here for a link to the movie's website, and click here to find out more about Guys for Life (a very important Pro-Life group!).