Just Installed Adobe CS3 Web Premium!

Adobe Creative Suite 3 (CS3) Web Premium Retail Box

Today I installed Adobe Creative Suite 3 Web Premium on my iBook (to help in my production of the Seminary website, this website, and Vocations videos, among other tasks), and I can't believe how many awesome features I was missing out on with my now-antiquated copy of CS1 from many years back (well... two years ago, I guess—that's way back for me).

It seems to me that Dreamweaver (used to be owned by Macromedia, until Adobe bought them out and created a nice monopoly on web production software) was designed for web designers much more so than my old locking-up-every-hour companion Adobe GoLive (now discontinued). And the quick selection tool in Photoshop is almost worth half the price of CS3 (for me, at least)! I've only tried these two programs so far, but I hope to also learn a little bit about Flash, so I can do some spiffy video stuff and maybe a Flash tour of the Seminary (for the Seminary's new website, coming this Fall!).

The only thing that could make CS3 better for me is if I were running it on a newer computer. Things take time (and plenty of it!) on my iBook, with its measly 933MHz G4, and half a gig of RAM (not to mention only a tiny portion of the hard drive for use as a scratch disk...). Ah, well, we can all dream, can't we?