On the 24th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade... I'm an Uncle!

Ultrasound of Joseph - Arm and Hand  

As I am reflecting on God's gift of life this day, I also am extremely proud to become an uncle (for the first time!) of the baby in the above ultrasound, whose name is Joseph. He seems to be doing well in the womb, and obviously wants us to know how much he likes soccer by his repeated kicking (so says my sister...).

I think it is important for anyone who calls himself a supporter of God's gift of life to try to educate himself to the greatest extent possible on life issues, and the biological, moral, philosophical and theological reasons for supporting life from natrual conception until natural death.

I find it disheartening when I hear of someone who calls himself 'pro-life' telling a 'pro-choice' person he is sinful and that a baby's a baby, starting with conception. While this may be true, it is (1) not our place to judge others, and (2) not helpful to start a discussion in hopes of helping another person see your viewpoint (even if it's the truth) by beating him over the head with it from the start.

Instead, I hope everyone who calls himself 'pro-life' will know why a baby is human and should be given the right to life at the moment of conception, rather than at the stage of implantation, or at the stage of the development of the neurological system, or at other stages of development. If we can understand why others believe abortion is allowable, we can better know how to talk to others about abortion.

Rather than 'shoving your beliefs down their throats,' you can converse with them and slowly help them to see how blessed and sacred human life is, from its earliest stage (which so happens to be the moment when the sperm and egg cells unite, and the genetic makeup of the person is formed—and, we may also propose the human soul is formed here, bringing the biological process of conception to the supernatural level.).

I will be studying this issue more in-depth this year, and I plan on writing my philosophical thesis paper (which will be posted here) on this issue.

Please pray for my sister, her husband, and their baby Joseph, and also pray for all mothers who are contemplating the lives of their unborn babies.