WooHoo! RSS Feed Fixed!

After a few months of scratching my head as to why my RSS Feed was not working properly (dates would range from January to December in one day!), I finally found the offending line of source code in my RSS template file in Thingamablog. It turns out I wasn't specifying the 'format' for the date and time in the .xml template file.

I replaced this:

with this:

Now that that's solved, some people may ask, "What is RSS? Why would I want to use it?" Well, read this (xml.com) for more info.

In other news, I've been working on and off for about a month on the Priestie Boyz' recordings (doing the mixing and fx in GarageBand), and I have to say, these songs sound AWESOME! I can't wait until we get more vocals recorded so I can finalize tracks and send them off to be mastered...