Solemnity of St. Joseph, Husband of Mary (Transferred from Sunday)

Today is the solemnity of St. Joseph (husband of Mary, foster-father of Jesus). Since he is not only a great example for Catholic priesthood (he was probably the most devoted man (besides Jesus) ever to Jesus and to Mary!), but also one of my patron saints, I thought I'd offer his biography to anyone interested, as well as a picture:

St. Joseph holding the Baby Jesus 

I think it is sad how often Joseph, the man who devoted himself entirely to his family and is a wonderful example of everything a father should be, is overlooked by many Catholics (and non-Catholics). I always try to think of how he must've felt when the angel from God told him to accept Mary as his wife, even though she was already with child. What doubts might he have had? Would I have sacrificed my life for her and for Jesus as Joseph did? He offers strength and unity to all Christian families!