School Begins Soon; Blogging Lightly

I'd like to thank KMOX-AM for their coverage of the World Youth Day events, and especially for the plug for this blog! Fred Bottomer (KMOX's religion editor) called me twice, once during World Youth Day in Cologne, and again after I returned to St. Louis, to record my thoughts on the trip. Life is finally settling back into a normal pattern now, and I think I'm ready for another school year.

I don't know if I'll have much time or events to write about on this blog over the next week or two, so don't expect much. I'm still working on fixing the RSS feed, so it might soon give proper times and dates for blog entries... Please continue to pray for all those returning to school this year, and especially for those students who are leaving their homes for the first time in their lives; that they may live responsibly and live out their faith wherever they go.