Name-that-Site Contest!

I have found a heck of a deal for finally creating a domain name for my websites. What's a 'domain name', you wonder? Well, it's kinda like this: instead of the address for my blog being ", etc.", I could have my own "" web address! I have been tossing around this idea for a few years, but have never seen a good deal for pricing (it used to cost around $75 a year for a domain name, but now it's much less!).

So, there you have it: I'm thinking about registering a web address for my websites (my blog, personal site, seminary site, pro-life wristband site, jjjcl latin site, and my Mac support site). I want it to be relatively short, easy to remember, and encompass some of my personality, while being fairly broad (so it can cover topics on all those sites).

So far, all I have is '' (ref. to Matthew 12:37...), but that's not very good. It has to be a web address not already in use, and I want a '.com' address (not '.net' or '.us' or something like that).

To enter:

  1. Look up prospective web addresses by typing them into the search area on this page.
  2. Make sure the name is creative, relatively short, and easy to remember.
  3. Post the name, along with your name, in the comments section of this post.
  4. Wait until I find a winner.

So, now what? What does the winner get? Well, as my high-school volleyball coach would say, "You get the greatest prize of all: our respect." Okay, okay, I'll also mention the winner on my blog... if that counts for anything. I know what you're thinking... "What a boring contest!" But remember, I'm just a poor little college student ;-) .