iTunes Music Store Beats B&N and Sam Goody in Music Sales

I read an interesting bit of news today: "iTunes Music Store Cracks Top 10 List of Leading U.S. Music Retailers in Q3 2005". Some obvious facts that this story highlights: iTMS is #1 in online music download sales, iTMS is here to stay (good for those of us who have purchased more than a couple songs!), and online music downloads are gaining momentum. I wonder when video downloads will actually catch on—I predict it will take at least five years before people en masse adopt video content downloads...

In other news, the KGB Lions Soccer team played an awesome game against arguably the best team in the CYC league, and held them to a score of 2-3 (we lost, but we aren't ashamed at all!). We will have one more game this year, and it will probably be in two weeks. Stay posted for more info.

I'm off to mi casa for Thanksgiving break, and at the beginning of the break, I thought it might be good to reflect on what I'm thankful for (everyone else seems to be doing it, so...). I'd have to say that I am completely in awe of all that God has given me, and I thank him for everything, but most especially my Mom, Dad and other family members. They have really made a difference in my life the past few months (even if they didn't know it). I hope everyone who reads this remembers to especially thank their own parents and siblings during this holiday; you don't know how important gratitude can be in maintaining a wonderful relationship!