Blogging Slowdown - Some Time Off for Reflection

FYI: I will be blogging with much less frequency, to take time to reflect on the merits of blogging in my personal life. Sometimes things don't go the way you wanted them to, and blogging might be one of those things. I started this blog four months ago with high expectations, and this blog has come a long way. It was a great learning experience, and I even met a few people who I will probably interact with more in the future, but nothing lasts forever, and it seems this blog may be on its way out.

Right now, there are two possible futures for this blog: 1) It is never updated again, but left on the Internet as a source of information for anyone inclined to find it through a Google search or something of the like, OR 2) I will update it with less frequency but with more meaningful and enriching posts. Part of what happens will be determined by feedback via comments. I'll continue to check my email and look at the comments section here to see what anyone who is so inclined might think about this.

Of course, I still maintain other websites, such as my Cardinal Glennon College Seminary Website... and you can find out more about that at But for now, Jeff will be exiting the blogosphere for a time.