A Thank You to the Mass Media (from Pope John Paul II)

"...it is also possible to nourish one's spirit through radio, television and Internet."

Pope John Paul II, upon returning from the hospital, had Archbishop Leonardo Sandri read this text on behalf of him in St. Peter's Square, followed by a blessing in the Pope's name (Source):

"Dear Brothers and Sisters!

1. In these days of hospitalization here at the Gemelli, I notice in a particular way the presence and attention of so many agents of the mass media. Today I wish to address a word of gratitude to them, because I know that they carry out -- not without sacrifice -- their appreciated service, thanks to which the faithful, in all parts of the world, can feel me closer and support me with affection and prayer.

2. The role of the mass media is very important in our age of global communication. Great, also, is the responsibility of all those who work in this field, called to provide always accurate information, respectful of the dignity of the human person and attentive to the common good. In this time of Lent, which invites us to nourish ourselves more abundantly with the Word of God, I would like to recall that it is also possible to nourish one's spirit through radio, television and Internet. I am grateful to those who, appreciating the mass media, are dedicated to these new forms of evangelization.

3. Let us pray, finally, to Mary Most Holy that she may help us to prepare well for Holy Week, which will begin next Sunday. I hope to see numerous young people take part, in St. Peter's Square, in the solemn liturgy of Palm Sunday, which will project us toward World Youth Day, planned in Cologne, Germany."

This brings to mind what Pope John II said in some earlier writings. It seems he has embraced and promoted the idea of a new evangelization—but I'm not sure if this new evangelization has taken hold of the Catholic Church yet. But I hope to be one of the many faithful who spreads the Gospel using any and all means reasonable; including the Internet, radio and television. So much more can be done, and so many people are beginning to put the words of our Holy Father into action!

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