2005 Pro-Life March - Day Four - The Meaning of "Bundled Up" (UPDATED)

I don't think I truly knew the meaning of 'bundled up' until today. For the first time in my life, I am wearing four layers of clothing! Four layers! That's a lot. But before I talk about that, I shall mention the Mass my fellow St. Louisans and I attended this morning.

I woke to the shrill sound of our room's alarm around 5:30 a.m. (4:30 St. Louis time), and realized that, because I pressed the 'Snooze' button, I was obliged to get out of bed and take the first shower. After everyone was ready to go, we walked to a small but beautiful Catholic Church in downtown D.C., "Queen of the Rosary". Of course, something on this trip had to go wrong -- I forgot my camera -- so you will not be able to see any pictures.

Archbishop Burke was the principle celebrant, and there were seven concelebrating priests from the Archdiocese of St. Louis. His homily was very good; he told us of St. Francis de Sales, whose feast is today, and he gave words of encouragement for the Pro-Life March, telling us of the necessity for us to continue this witness to a renewed respect for life in our culture. Afterwards, I headed back to the hotel (some others went to the MCI Center for the Youth Mass & Rally), and I am now packing.

For this trip, I wanted to be 100% sure I would not freeze to death (as had happened three or so years ago, when it was bitter cold), so I am now wearing three layers of pants (with an extra pair of tearaway sweatpants in my bag, just in case), three layers of shirts (two longsleeve), and two layers of socks (one thermal!). And I have yet to put on my winter coat, hat, hood, scarf, and gloves. And, just in case I still get a teensy weensy bit cold, I have hand warmers (four of them!) in my pockets, plus an extra headband.

I think that If someone were to push me over, I might bounce right back up! I will have pictures up later -- I promise!

UPDATE: I now have pictures!

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