My CVS Workflow for Updating a Theme on drupal.org

Drupal CVS <ugh> Druplicon FrownFrom time to time, I've had to update my airyblue project in CVS (Airy Blue is a light, airy, Zen subtheme listed on Drupal.org's Themes section). It's always a bother, and I always end up spending about 20 minutes figuring out how to check out the module to my local computer (I use three of them, so even if I have it set up on one, I need to get it going on another sometimes), then another 20 figuring out how to commit my changes, tag a release, etc.

So, this post might be titled "How to Maintain a Theme on Drupal.org if You're Confounded by the CVS Guide for Theme Maintainers, and you are on a computer on which you haven't checked out your module yet."

Logging in, Setting up CVSROOT

SSH in a Locked-Down Network

Recently, during one job for a client, I needed to work for a length of time in a location that had quite severe network restrictions—in addition to a proxy server, the location blocked every port besides 80, 25, 443, and 8080. In order to use secure shell (SSH) to login to my work web server, I needed to use one of those ports (I used nmap to find open ports on my end).

Luckily, I gained access to another network for a short time, and used that connection to update my work web server to allow SSH over port 8080 (in addition to the standard, port 22). I edited the /etc/ssh/sshd_config file so it reads:

Port 22
Port 8080

(the Port 22 line was commented out, originally).

Then I simply used the -p (port) directive when logging in via SSH:

$ ssh -p8080 [email protected]