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Checking in at Church: Parish website development

Lisa Hendey

This presentation was given at the 2011 Catholic New Media Conference. Below are my notes on the presentation:

Why Bother?

  • Educate about the Church
  • Provide parish information
  • Outreach to interest groups
  • Build community

10 Best Practices for Parish Websites

From Craig Berry:

  1. Useful contact us page
  2. About Us/History Page
  3. Prominent use of Social Media
  4. Online Map/Directions
  5. Calendar of Events
  6. Weekly Bulletins

Turning your web presence into a social network

by Matthew Warner

This presentation was given at the 2011 Catholic New Media Conference. Below are my notes on the presentation:


  • Being 'present' isn't enough.
  • Social media is about engaging people in a dialog; talking with them, listening to them, and RELATING.
  • Don't get caught up in monetizing your blog/site.
  • Don't get caught up in analytics and followers.
  • Focus on the PEOPLE involved in your Network.
  • "If you shoot for quantity at the expense of quality, you'll end up with neither."
  • Build your network upon meaningful relationships.

P.O.S.T Method

  • People: Who are you trying to reach?
  • Objectives: Why? What are your Goals?
  • Strategies: Ways to accomplish those goals?
  • Technologies: What tools will help you do that?

The Continuity of the Eternal Word in New Media

This page contains information and resources pertaining to my 2011 presentation at the Catholic New Media Celebration entitled "The Continuity of the Eternal Word in New Media". After that presentation is posted online, I will post a link to the full video and any other appropriate resources here.

Download this Presentation

You can download a PDF file with all the slides from the presentation here: The Continuity of the Eternal Word in New Media [750KB PDF].

We communicate an Eternal Word

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." (Jn 1:1)

Before we can proclaim this Word, we must ready ourselves—we need to nurture our own relationship with the Word of God. We can only do this when we are able to profess a relationship with Jesus. Here are two documents pertaining to the 'New Evangelization' to which we are called:

The Church and New Media - Book on Catholic New Media use

The Church and New Media

I've heard about this book here and there the past few months, but it's getting all official now, with a spiffy website, a trailer (hey, I thought only movies had those!), and A-list endorsements.

From the endorsements:

“This book demonstrates how New Media is already impacting the Church and outlines many practical steps for dioceses, parishes, and individual Catholics to embrace it more broadly…Everyone involved in Communications and Evangelization ministries for the Church should read it.”  (–Cardinal Seán O'Malley, OFM Cap.)

Summary Post on Catholic New Media Convention in Boston, MA

CNMC MMX - August 2010[UPDATE: The Archdiocese of St. Louis now has an immense post with more links, pictures, quotes, etc. View it here.]

This year's CNMC MMX (Catholic New Media Convention 2010) was bigger and better than last year's convention; the venue had excellent WiFi access, there were even more Catholic media/new media representatives, and the atmosphere was generally more lively and exciting (mostly due to the great number of amazing people).

Here are some of the highlights from the convention, and links to more pictures and information:

Lino Rulli's Keynote Presentation on "doing things right" in Catholic Media

Lino Rulli—a man with a large nose (an Italian)—spoke to the attendees of the Catholic New Media Celebration during a keynote address on Saturday, and talked about the importance of "doing things right" in new media.

He made three main points:

  1. Study what others are doing, and copy what others are doing right.
  2. Identify your passion and pursue it.
  3. It is not *just the message* that matters.

I fully support these points, and I wish to highlight a few more salient points he made. He said that we need to see the good and effective things others are doing in media (old/new), and copy the best things they do. It's perfectly acceptable to do the same thing as everyone else—if it's awesome.

Fr. Robert Reed's Keynote at CNMC MMX

Sweet Neat Deep and Eat

Fr. Robert Reed's keynote at this year's CNMC MMX was excellent. He started by giving us a 'goody bag' with something sweet, something neat, something deep, and something to eat. He then spoke about each topic and summarized the reason why we evangelize—not just online, but also on a personal level.

Something Sweet

Takeaway quote from this portion:

"There has to be an appeal, a professionalism, a standard to our craft."

I couldn't say it better myself. We need to perform at the highest level, in terms of design, grammar, and content—Catholics and those who are not yet Catholic deserve to receive the Gospel message in the highest and most beautiful form. People used to spend years and tons of money to create beautiful stained glass, manuscripts, and Catholic artwork to communicate the faith. Why do we not do the same today, with the new tools at our disposal?

At the Catholic New Media Celebration (Boston, MA) [Updated]

I'll be hanging around a bunch of other Catholic techies this Saturday in Boston, MA, at the Catholic New Media Celebration. In case you haven't heard, I just started a new podcast, Catholic Car Wash (read more about it), and I thought CNMC MMX would be a great venue for its introduction.

A good friend and fellow Catholic programmer/blogger, Matthew Warner, spent much of last night individually uploading tons of photos from last night's meet-and-greet. I figured I'd take the opportunity to send out a 'miss you' wish to my fiancée, Natalie:

Jeff at CNMC 2010

You can see all of his photos here: Catholics in New Media: CNMC Kickoff

About Catholic Car Wash

Catholic Car Wash is a video podcast started in 2010 by myself, Jeff Geerling, just before the start of CNMC MMX. This podcast focuses on small snippets of Catholic teaching, and typically lasts less than 3 minutes (the length of a car wash).

Toyota Camry and Catholic Car Wash

All episodes are recorded inside an active car wash, most often in my 2007 Toyota Camry. Episodes are recorded with an iPhone 4, along with (usually) an external mic (setup instructions here).

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