lino rulli

Lino Rulli's Keynote Presentation on "doing things right" in Catholic Media

Lino Rulli—a man with a large nose (an Italian)—spoke to the attendees of the Catholic New Media Celebration during a keynote address on Saturday, and talked about the importance of "doing things right" in new media.

He made three main points:

  1. Study what others are doing, and copy what others are doing right.
  2. Identify your passion and pursue it.
  3. It is not *just the message* that matters.

I fully support these points, and I wish to highlight a few more salient points he made. He said that we need to see the good and effective things others are doing in media (old/new), and copy the best things they do. It's perfectly acceptable to do the same thing as everyone else—if it's awesome.