A hospital stay and MLB blackouts led me to RTL-SDR radio

Last year I spent a lot of time in the hospital. Between multiple surgeries and outpatient visits and follow-ups (either intentional or through an unexpected ER visit), I probably spent at least a month or two in a hospital room. For a time, you could see the exact date ranges I was checked in by the holes in my GitHub contribution graph! Such is the life of an open source developer.

Jeff Geerling holding yay sign in hospital bed after surgery
Despite appearances, this was not a very fun recovery!

Rally Squirrel Says "Relax..."

Got this in my email inbox this morning, and couldn't resist posting it here. Though I'm very much not in favor of animated gifs in general, this one isn't too bad :)

Rally Squirrel - Relax
Kind of reminds me of this relaxing squirrel.

This year's World Series has been awesome; last night's walk-off home run by our hometown hero David Freese was one of the best moments in baseball this year!

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