Make Your Own Wristbands (PROLIFE or Otherwise)

Updated 1/28/04



Note about the PROLIFE wristbands:


IMPORTANT NOTE!: The minimum bulk order is 2,500 pcs (if you would like smaller quantities, click here). The manufacturer (Yew Sheng Enterprise) will not allow any smaller amount in your order! Also, they do not accept rush orders (please do not ask them to do so). You are ONLY allowed to use the PROLIFE mold - the other ones that Yew Sheng has are owned by other people. You will have to make your own mold if you do not use the PROLIFE mold!


To Review:


The PROLIFE wristbands were originally made by Maria and Jeff Geerling in order to spread the message to the world (via the wristband's wearers) that we are a Pro-Life people. In order to do so most effectively, we ask that groups having wristbands manufactured continue to use the royal blue color (Pantone Color #293 C) that was used for the original bands. It is also asked that these wristbands continue to simply say "PROLIFE" (or the equivalent, if in another language).


Pricing Information:


Adult Sizes (202mm circumference):

2,500---------$0.20 each

5,000---------$0.175 each

10,000-------$0.167 each

15,000-------$0.15 each

30,000-------$0.145 each


Youth Sizes (180 mm circumference):

2,500---------$0.20 each

5,000---------$0.165 each

10,000-------$0.157 each

15,000-------$0.145 each

25,000-------$0.135 each


Once you have read this information (especially the important note), email us to request further instruction for how to order in bulk. Please only contact us if you would like 2,500 or more wristbands.


Selling PROLIFE Wristbands:


You have no obligation to Maria or Jeff Geerling for selling these wristbands; you may sell them how you like, but you are asked to use any profit you gain from them for a worthy Pro-Life organization or cause. In order that as many people as possible can purchase wristbands, please sell the wristbands for $1 apiece.


Where you sell them is entirely up to you, as well. Maria and Jeff have chosen to set up a website <> to help promote the wristbands, and if you provide Jeff with an email address or link to your own website (if you wish to sell them in such a manner), Jeff would be delighted to place a link on this website. We also ask you to provide a link to our website on yours (if you have one).


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