One of my photos is being shared around Facebook with the tagline #OccupyAdoration, shared originally by the Peoria Young Catholics Facebook Page:

Occupy Adoration

They did ask permission for using the photo, which was good of them; I've seen some of my photos pop up on websites, some videos, and even a textbook without my permission :-/

Here's the original picture on Flickr.

While I'm no great fan of the #occupy movement, I wholeheartedly agree that occupying your local Eucharistic Adoration chapel would be a very worthy cause. Save your own soul, and save the world!


First, let me say, beautiful photo. Next, I commend you for allowing people to use this picture to spread the message about Adoration. There is no better way to spend our time than in front of the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament! God bless you!

Hi Jeff,
This is a wonderful picture you took of The Blessed Sacrament! I currently host the 'Saturday Holy Hours' at our parish in Gallatin, Tennessee. I must admit I found it on an 'image' google search for the 'poster ad for the 40 hours devotion' that my husband and I have hosted for the past 2 years at our parish in Gallatin Tennessee! I just now found who owned the photo by another google search! Yay! Please forgive me for unintentionally hawking your photo, but will you give me permission to use the 'Occupy Adoration' for our 'Saturday Holy Hours' Eucharistic adoration at our church?! This is a great idea. Do you print these posters up, if so what do you charge for them. I could use 2-3 for advertising within our parish. :) If you do, what would the cost be? I also thought they would make nice reminder cards (business card size) to pass out to parishioners/adorers (especially scheduled adorers to put on their fridge) to always remind them to occupy adoration at the time they have pre-committed to. Please let me know your thoughts. May God bless you always! Cheryl G.

Thanks for the comment! Peoria Young Catholics (linked above) have the original of the graphic/poster, so you'll want to contact them about getting reproductions.

I just have the original image, and you are free to use it to advertise adoration in your parish.

Jeff, please give me permission to use your Occupy Adoration photo on our website Catholic365.com. I was able to resize it to 1025 x 768 but have made no other changes and will give full credit to you and your website, if you give me the URL that you want to promote. Blessings to you!

Jeff: I am chairing an adoration team at Totino Grace Catholic High School in Minnesota. I saw your photo and loved it. Would you grant permission to use it? We would like to make posters for the school encouraging participation.

We would also like to alter the words by removing the Pope Leo XIII quote but adding
"Let us remember that we are in the holy presence of God" which is part of the schools Christian Brothers traditional prayer which the kids sing to start each day.

Thank you!
Maureen Edwin