Drupal VM 2.3.0 released - dashboard, Windows, tests, and more

Update: I just posted a new video about Drupal VM, Drupal VM - Quick Introduction, covering some of these new features!

I'm excited to announce the release of Drupal VM 2.3.0 "Miracle and Magician"—with over 21 new features and bugs fixed!

One of the most amazing improvements is the new Drupal VM dashboard; after you build Drupal VM, visit the VM's IP address to see all the sites, tools, and connection details in your local development environment:

Drupal VM 2.3.0 release - new dashboard UI

This feature was singlehandedly implemented by Oskar Schöldström—who also happens to have practically matched my commit activity for the past month or so. I'm pretty sure I owe him something like 100 beers at this point!

Here are some of the other great new features of Drupal VM in 2.3.0:

  • Greater stability on Windows and when Ansible is not installed on a Mac/Linux host.
  • Full test coverage using Docker containers on Travis CI—instead of just testing syntax, we're fully installing Drupal VM in two Ubuntu 14.04 and one CentOS 7 environment to test every aspect of Drupal VM.
  • Deployment to a DigitalOcean droplet - this is an experimental feature for now, but you can easily build a more secure Drupal VM instance on the Cloud using nothing but Ansible.
  • Vastly improved and expanded documentation
  • Support for a local Vagrantfile - this allows you to easily override the default Vagrant configuration if needed

For more information about this release, check out the 2.3.0 Release Notes.


These are great additions, I tried out the dashboard and I am loving it so far. I believe with these latest additions that I will now use Drupal VM full time instead of just stalking it (I've been using my own implementation for years due to the ease of configuration with multiple projects but now there's no reason) :)