Chaos Engineer - T-shirt on

Like my last new shirt (It was DNS, I figured I'd mention my latest shirt design here on the blog in case you're interested:

Chaos Engineer shirt on

As a parent of four, I thought it would be especially fitting on a onesie, therefore in addition to two 'normal' shirt options, there's a version for your baby:

Baby Onesie - Chaos Engineer -

You can buy the 'Chaos Engineer' T-shirt on


Any chance for a size 3T? This is a perfect description of my son.

At some point I hope to add in a few other options too; the difficulty is Teespring's interface makes it impossible to batch things, because if you have any error (even a silent one, like 'charging too little' for a product), the entire batch of changes is removed. So it's a bit laborious getting all these items on the site :(