Gitting Started with New VCS

This is half for my own reference, because I have a few other computers I still need to set up, and I don't want to keep referring back to docs to get everything ready for Git.

In case you've been under a rock lately, was down for a while yesterday, while a team of dedicated Drupal peeps spent a few hours migrating everything in's version control system (which was running CVS) to Git. Git is an excellent tool for version control, and I've been using it for a few months for my personal projects (most recently, I've started using Tower on my Mac to make Git easier).

Without further ado, here are the steps/links you need to 'git' started with Git on

  1. Update your profile - you should add your computer's public SSH key, agree to drupal's Git guidelines (edit your profile to see that), and make sure you set your git config settings on your computer to use the same username/email you use in your profile.
  2. Learn Git - Then learn more Git. Then learn a whole lotta Git.
  3. Clone a drupal project, and create a patch.

Read the entire Git handbook on for more details. But, basically, you can now do things like add and remove files, create and merge branches, and more, with much less pain than you could yesterday.


Please change this, do not ever give away your private key. You'll have to add your public key (normally with extension .pub) to

I used these instructions to hide all *~ files…

I'm a git beginner (just compiled it; ubuntu has old versions) and right now I really want a GUI because I'm having to type almost 10 lines to create a patch via command line.

First patch for anyone who cares.

Now going to see what it will take to commit it... wish me luck! So far git push origin 6.x-1.x is a no go. Says everything is up to date.