About Catholic Car Wash

Catholic Car Wash is a video podcast started in 2010 by myself, Jeff Geerling, just before the start of CNMC MMX. This podcast focuses on small snippets of Catholic teaching, and typically lasts less than 3 minutes (the length of a car wash).

Toyota Camry and Catholic Car Wash

All episodes are recorded inside an active car wash, most often in my 2007 Toyota Camry. Episodes are recorded with an iPhone 4, along with (usually) an external mic (setup instructions here).

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Want to Help?

Want to help me record episodes more often? You can send me a few bucks via PayPal (in the comments, make sure you state the donation is for a car wash), or buy me a gift certificate (or, heck, a Clean Car Club membership) to Waterway—my preferred carwash :-)

Regardless, I like a clean car, and I'd love to help you clean your conscience (at the same time) by recording this podcast! I'll keep washing my car regardless of whether or not I get a free wash ;-)