Use a Raspberry Pi running Raspian OS behind a proxy server

I've been working on figuring out some interesting ways to use my revision A Raspberry Pi, and one of the things I'm doing with it requires it to work correctly behind a corporate proxy server. If you're in a similar situation, and need your Pi to work with a proxy server, it's simple to get set up:

You need to edit the ~/.profile file (where ~ is your home folder, e.g. /home/jeffgeerling, adding the following lines to the bottom of the file:

<br />
# Proxy server (example: http://username:[email protected]:8080). User/pass optional.<br />
export http_proxy=http://[user]:[pass]@[proxy_server_address]:[port]

# Proxy exclusions (don't use the proxy server for these hostnames and IP addresses).
export no_proxy=localhost,

If you'd also like the proxy to apply when running sudo commands and when using your Pi as the root user, you need to add the same configuration to /root/.profile (this would be helpful if you need to use sudo apt-get to install or update software packages).

After you edit and save the file, you can either enter source ~/.profile to get the new proxy settings to stick for your current session, or log out and log back in.

One caveat: proxy support varies widely by browser—Midori is configured to use the proxy you set up by default, but doesn't honor the no_proxy environment variable. I tend to use Chromium instead, so it's not an issue for me.


I'm working on rapberry pi behind the proxy of my institution. I'm not able to access the internet from the terminal for command of "easy_install", however I get to install packages using apt-get commands. I'm trying to install the distribution package for the email-notifier-led program. Please help