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Bedtime Prayer

Before I go to bed, I pray this seminarian's bedtime prayer:

God, thank you for this day.
I am sorry for all the wrong I have done.
Please forgive me, and give me a restful sleep,
so I may live for you tomorrow,
in all that I do, in all that I say,
everywhere I go, and in everything I pray.

Good night!

Para Amigos Quién Hablan Español

Esta mañana, cuando me desperté, usé una computadora leer mi correo electrónico y leer el periódico electrónico y escuchar a la música. In generalmente, comunico con mi familia vía correo electrónico o el teléfono. Vivo en el semillero, lejos de mi familia. Mi familia tiene cuatro niños y dos padres (uno madre y uno padre). Cuando voy a casa en mi carro, miro a veces la televisión con el resto de mi familia mientras meriendaba algunas pretzelas. También lavo la ropa en la lavadora. Muchos familias hoy en día no tienen dos padres, como mi familia. También muchos familias hoy en día no tienen muchos hijos, generalmente solamente uno o dos. Muchas familias se separan porque tenen las problemas y mucho tension y están con uno pocas veces.

Come and See Weekend 2004

"Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world… ‘Rabbi, where are you staying?’ He said to them, ‘Come, and you will see.’ So they went and saw where he was staying." (John 1:29, 38-39)

This weekend the Cardinal Glennon College is holding one of it’s two yearly Come and See weekend retreats for high schoolers who are discerning a call to the priesthood. This weekend, we have 15 high school youth!

Please remember to pray for all those discerning God’s calling for them. For more information on my views on discernment, click here (there’s also a cool video I made about discernment in that link!).

Quote of the Day

"The way to become boring is to say everything." (Voltaire)

Mondays and procrastination

Some people seem to think Monday is the worst day in the week.

I am one of those people.

But that’s besides the point. After confession last night, I thought it interesting the words that came to mind for me: accountability, culpability, forgiveness, mercy, compassion, sin, procrastination and repetition. What most alarmed me is the fact that I have, for the past few years, repeatedly mentioned certain venial sins in my confessions that could be grouped under the umbrella of ‘procrastination’. And, repeatedly, I have promised Jesus I would try to get rid of those sins.

But it keeps coming up again. A lot of people might give up on the Sacrament of Penance because of its seemingly everlasting inability to change a person for the better, but I don’t. I have realized that it takes a lot of time (and LOTS of effort) to get rid of certain sins. We must use all that is given us to do this – prayer, family, friends, and our talents.


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