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The Name of My Blog

Matthew 12:37: "By your words will you be acquitted, and by your words will you be condemned."

I really like this Bible quote, for it keeps my writing (to a certain extent) centered on what really matters in my life; God. Even when my posts don't have direct reference to God or to religious content, I must always be mindful of what I write, for in writing I express myself to the world. If I express myself in an improper or inadequate way, I am not being mindful of what Jesus says in the Bible passage above!

I have always set a goal to make everything I write interesting and insightful, but I have tried most of all to write for God, and to follow in Jesus Christ's footsteps by making sure all my words are good.

This blog is now underway, and I'll probably post a little more often to it than my old Xanga blog, because I like the setup of this blog much more (thanks to Thingamablog!). Pax Christi :-)

PROLIFE Wristbands

For those of you who haven't heard:

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Welcome to My Blog

Well, everyone, here it is.

I am fed up with Xanga, and don't quite like it's 'uncustomizability'. Plus, I can't access it from home. So, lo and behold, I have my own spiffy new blog. I will continue on this blog what I have been doing on my old Xanga blog, but with more pizzaz and style :-).

Please feel free to email me at any time, and I'll get back to you as soon as I possibly can. This blog allows much more customizability, and I'm very happy to now be using it instead of my old one.

I wish all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Pro-Life Witness at Democratic Kerry Rally

Seminarians at Kerry RallyOn Friday, October 8, 2004, members of the Kenrick-Glennon Seminary community traveled to the America’s Center to witness to the Pro-Life cause. Wearing sweatshirts that proclaimed ‘Dedicated to the defense of all human life,’ the seminarians attempted to attend the Democratic Watch Party and Rally (at which John Kerry would later be present) and pray for the senator to stand for what he believes as a Catholic.

While in line to go through security scanners, the seminarians were informed that the Democratic Convention Committee would not allow them to enter, as the party was being held in a private, rented venue (the America's Center), and the Party Organizers didn’t think the seminarians had the spirit that was necessary for admittance. (Earlier in the day, security personnel had told the group that they would allow signs).

Food for Thought

Today I was quite moved by the whole Mass celebrated by Archbishop Burke. I especially loved his homily and the Holy Sacrifice on the altar. His statement, “This seminary is the heart of our archdiocese” (i.e. you seminarians are the heart of the archdiocese), REALLY struck me as something important.

He is exhorting us, as Christ did, to live out our lives to their fullest in order to perfectly imitate Christ. Not fifty percent. Not seventy-five. One hundred percent. To the cross.

How miniscule are our sufferings and complaints compared to the suffering Jesus went through! We have nothing to complain about. Jesus has redeemed us through his death on the Cross, and now we MUST work to acheive eternal salvation through our actions on this Earth.

A Short Pro-Life Prayer

Looking for a nice, short, Pro-Life prayer and not finding any, I decided to make my own:

Eternal Father in Heaven,
Please protect all of Your people from unjust death;
Most especially, please protect Your dear children
In the sanctuary of a mother’s womb.
Please bring about an end to the evil of abortion,
And convert the hearts of all those who support it.


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