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Name-that-Site Contest!

I have found a heck of a deal for finally creating a domain name for my websites. What's a 'domain name', you wonder? Well, it's kinda like this: instead of the address for my blog being ", etc.", I could have my own "" web address! I have been tossing around this idea for a few years, but have never seen a good deal for pricing (it used to cost around $75 a year for a domain name, but now it's much less!).

Youth-Sized Wristbands are HERE!!! $0.25 each, 50 or more!

My sister and I have just received our final shipment of wristbands - 10,000 youth-sized (180 mm circuference) PROLIFE Wristbands, to be exact! If you would like some, we are selling them for the extremely low price of 25¢ each, for quantities of 50 or more (sorry, we can't sell them in smaller quantities), plus a small shipping fee.

Here's a size comparison of the youth (180mm) and adult (208mm) sized wristband:

Youth Wristband Size Comparison

Archbishop Burke's 1st Anniversary of Service in St. Louis

Today the Archbishop of St. Louis (Archbishop Raymond Burke) visited Kenrick-Glennon Seminary to dine with the seminarians in celebration of his 1st anniversary as Archbishop of the Archdiocese. The seminarians presented Archbishop Burke with a spiritual bouquet of many holy hours, and said they were proud of his courage in the face of adversity.

Hate Crime against Catholics in Louisiana (UPDATED)

From A Saintly Salmagundi:

"This Monday the Catholic anti-abortion student group at LSU called "Students For Life" that had erected a display of nearly 4,000 crosses on the LSU Parade Ground over the wekend to commemorate the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade found the exhibit vandalized.

There are several things that make this story important. First, is that an LSU police officer saw five individuals removing a large number of the crosses just after midnight on Monday, but did not report the individuals.

2005 Pro-Life March - Day Four - The March, etc.

As I write this, most marchers have returned to their buses, planes, or cars and are now on the road home. We have finally left Union Station, and are expecting an 18-20 hour trip home (ugh...). I have a little time right now, so I am going to relate to you the happenings of this day.

After my last entry, I went to the hotel lobby and sold some Pro-Life Wristbands, which sold like hotcakes to many different youth! I stayed in the lobby for a while with many other seminarians who were waiting for our buses, in order to load our luggage on them. Some of the seminarians and I walked to Pennsylvania Ave. and 15th Street to meet with other Seminarians who were at other places, such as Planned Parenthood or the Youth Rally and Mass.