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Hello... I'm Mister Confused! [Illustration]

This is one of those posts that can only be classified as 'randomness'. In one of my classes, I found myself making random lines on a piece of paper. One of these lines looked like it had a nose and mouth on it, so I continued sketching 'Mister Confused':

Mister Confused

Why is mister confused quite so befuddled? I don't know for sure, but maybe it has to do with his puzzlement over the media's irrational anti-Catholic stand... maybe he's puzzled over the fact that abortion and contraception are 'silent killers' in our nation and many people are okay with that... whatever the case, he's quite a puzzled little fella!

Jeff News - 2005 March for Life in Washington, D.C.

FYI to all readers: I'll be leaving for Washington, D.C. in two days (Friday). I am travelling (via bus) to the annual March For Life -- the 32nd one, to be exact -- to take a stand for all the babies who have been negatively affected (by that, I mean killed) by our culture's general disrespect for the unborn, made more popular by the infamous Roe vs. Wade judicial decision in 1972 (although, it turns out, the "Roe" in the aforementioned case has since turned Pro-Life).

For your benefit, I will be taking pictures of all the sights while in D.C., and I will be able to post them daily (possibly along with a blog topic), since (I recently discovered), the hotel I'm residing in will have free wireless access! Please pray that all those who are journeying to D.C. this weekend may arrive safely, and for our march to show the nation the importance of a renewed respect for life.

I leave you with a picture from last year's March for Life:

"Stay sober and alert"

Recently a friend of mine has found herself suffering unfavorable circumstances, and I ask all my readers to pray for her, even if it be a simple, short prayer. As I was praying communal evening prayer in the college Chapel, I noticed a relevant scripture passage (1 Peter 5:7-11), and I thought I would share it with everyone:

Catholic Bishop Captured, then Released, by Iraqi Terrorists

I am sure bishop Basile Georges Casmoussa thanks everyone for any prayers and support!


"VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - The Iraqi Catholic archbishop of Mosul who was kidnapped at gunpoint on Monday was freed today and said no ransom had been paid.

Archbishop Basile Georges Casmoussa, 66, said on Tuesday he hoped his ordeal would not be seen as an attack on the Church in the predominantly Muslim nation.

The Vatican, which had condemned the abduction as an "act of terrorism", welcomed his release and said Pope John Paul "thanked God for the happy ending".

Casmoussa told Vatican Radio he had been treated well during his one day in captivity.

"As soon as they found out I was a bishop, their attitude changed ... I think that my abduction was a coincidence. In recent times, there have been numerous kidnappings around here," Casmoussa said.

"Based on the conversations I had with them (the kidnappers), it didn't appear to me that they wanted to strike at the Church as such."


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