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"People's Choice" Awards - Another Award Loses Respect

Does it seem odd that both "Farenheit 9/11" and "The Passion of the Christ" won the 'People's Choice Award' - especially because the two movies were targeted at diametrically opposed audiences?

Here, my friends, we have another example of an award that has lost any esteem it may have previously had, for it has changed the way it allows 'the people' to vote (from The Daily Times):

Technical Notes...

I've decided to make the blog body text a bit darker, as I sometimes have trouble reading light text on a white background. If you think it's better, let me know. If you think it's worse, let me know. If you think I should make the text green, the background yellow, and the title flashing purple/red, well, you can keep that to yourself.


Planned Parenthood (yes, again...)

In a post from earlier today entitled "Where's the 'Emergency'?" on The Dawn Patrol, Dawn Eden magnificently deals with Planned Parenthood's use of the term 'Emergency Contraception' and displays an example of Planned Parenthood's inadequecies when it comes to matters of life:

"Let's look at this, starting with the words "emergency contraception."

It is not contraception.

It is abortion."

Dawn's post (along with many other previous posts - look in her archives) shows some of the typical improper usage of terms dealing with the babies they routinely kill.

Formation Retreat Until Saturday, General Stuff

Just fyi: I'll be on a "Priestly Formation Week" from Thursday morning until Saturday evening. My birthday falls on the 7th, so I guess I'll be able to celebrate it with an hour or two of Eucharistic Adoration. I will pray for all who have spoken to me via email (continuing a sort-of tradition started by Dawn Eden), but you need not inform me that you would like a prayer. I will pray for all the people I know (as well as I can!). Please pray for me, as well: that I may have an inspiring few days away from the Seminary, and that my vocation becomes clearer to me.

If you would like to leave comments or email me, feel free to do so, but I will not be near a computer (GASP!) until Saturday afternoon...



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