I'm also on Mastodon

Even though I no longer have the ability to toot IRL, I am tooting over on Mastodon: https://mastodon.social/@geerlingguy.

Twitter's rash move to block the only clients that made Twitter somewhat usable was apparently intentional:

Twitter Dev account API rules Tweetbot

I've used Tweetbot for years, even after Twitter removed some levels of API access to encourage users to stay on the official site or app (which both offer horrible UX in comparison). I decided to subscribe to Twitter Blue, since I know they don't get ad revenue from me and I have gotten a lot of value out of Twitter. But no longer—I'm cancelling my Twitter Blue subscription and will not re-subscribe unless they make things right with the third party devs who made the platform what it is today.

I will still post to Twitter from time to time, since there are plenty of people unaffected by this change (most if not all passive Twitter users probably didn't even notice this change) who I can reach there... but my primary Tweet-like interactions will be happening more often on the Fediverse/Tootiverse over on Mastodon.

As always, all my official social accounts are listed on this site's About page. If it's not there, it's not me.