Top 10 Pi Projects for Raspberry Pi's 10th Birthday

Original Raspberry Pi model B and Pi 4 model B with old Pis in background

In case you didn't know, the Raspberry Pi turns 10 today!

That's right—the Raspberry Pi model B (pictured above, front left) was launched on February 29th, 2012. And it sold out immediately.

That seems to have become a theme with every Pi model, but for anyone who does have a Pi kicking around in a box somewhere—or if you're lucky enough to find a Pi in stock—check out my latest video, where I go through my top 10 Raspberry Pi projects (all of which I've built, and most of which I'm still running today!):


Hi Jeff,
First off I love your content and appreciate all the effort you put into your channel.
I have a question regarding the top 10 pi projects video. In it, you mention ditching Apple TV hardware and instead to use a Pi running Plex. With regards to this, I have a Plex server running on my DS920+ NAS and it works great. I access it with Apple TVs on most of my home TV's as well as my iPad, iPhone etc.
If I use one of my extra Pi's on an extra TV, would your suggestion just be to access my existing Plex server via the browser on the Pi? And how would that work with Plex's new ability to incorporate streaming services (e.g. Netflix, Prime Video, etc.)? Would Plex just bring me to the appropriate website for those streaming services, or do I have to install software on the Pi for those services?

What I would recommend in that case is running something like Kodi/LibreELEC, or Plex, and syncing the library metadata from the DS920+ to the Pi that's attached to the TV.

But if you already have an Apple TV, you could just keep using it with the DS920+ since the Apple TV's pretty decent if you have one of the newer models. But if you wanted to sell it off and use a Pi instead, that's doable.

Great. Thanks for the reply. I’m actually looking to do it on a tv that doesn’t have an Apple TV, so it could be a cheaper solution. 👍