Ansible 101 by Jeff Geerling - new series on YouTube

After the incredible response I got from making my Ansible books free for the rest of March to help people learn new automation skills, I tried to think of some other things I could do to help developers who may be experiencing hardship during the coronavirus pandemic and market upheaval.

So I asked on Twitter:

And immediately got a lot of positive feedback.

So, starting this Wednesday, March 25, at 10 a.m. US Central (3 p.m. UTC), I will be doing a weekly 1-hour live-streaming series, "Ansible 101 with Jeff Geerling."

You can subscribe to my YouTube channel to get notifications when the episodes will begin, and I will also record the live streams so you can view them later. I've been streaming a live migration of my website from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8, so the equipment and laptop are well-prepared for a fun first stream, where I'll begin going through my book, Ansible for DevOps, teaching people how to get started with Ansible.

I've also embedded the live stream below, so you can bookmark this post (if you don't want to set up a YouTube account to get a notification) and watch the stream on the 25th:

You can still get Ansible for DevOps and Ansible for Kubernetes free on LeanPub for the rest of this month—pick up a copy if you haven't already! I will continue updating both books regularly (and you can get those updates free, forever!), as long as I'm able.